XH-W3001 AC 220V 1500W Digital Thermostat Switch


  • Output type: AC Output (AC 220V 1500W).
  • Temperature setting upper and lower limits.
  • Simple operation, suitable for seafood machines.
  • Temperature Measuring Range: -50~110°C.
  • Temperature Control Range: -50~110°C.
  • Control Accuracy: Upto 0.1℃.

XH-W3001 AC 220V 1500W Digital Temperature Controller Microcomputer Thermostat Switch. A temperature measurement and Controller tool with high accuracy and precision at a very low cost.

It offers a high-temperature control precision of 0.1℃. The temperature control range from -50℃ to 110℃.

TheLED Display shows the results clearly. One can directly install or embed the XH-W3001 in industrial control equipment panel, convenient and quick.

It features a 1M probe made up of stainless steel material which makes it waterproof and does not let it rust easily. Also, all the delicate and sensitive components are kept safe in ABS flame retardant housing which is avirulent and environmental protective.

Digital display LLL: If the digital tube displays LLL, the sensor is faulty. Please repair the sensor or replace the sensor.

Digital display HHH: If the digital tube displays HHH, this is because the detected temperature is beyond the measurement range.


  1. Press UP to show the start temperature button.
  2. On Long press of the UP button, the display starts flashing, then press the UP or DOWN button Set the beginning of the temperature value
  3. Press Down the display button to stop temperature.
  4. On the Long press of the Down button, the display starts flashing, then press the Up or Down button Set to stop the temperature value.


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