W1209 12V DC Digital Cooling/Heating Thermostat Temp Control -50-110 °c Temperature Controller 10A Relay with Waterproof Sensor Probe

  • Determine the working mode: Press and hold SET for about 5 seconds to display P0. Press SET again to modify the value of P0. H is the heating mode and C is the cooling mode.
  • Automatic power set memory (MCU built-in EEPROM memory unit). Control accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius. Have been tested for stability, consistency and reliability.
  • lectronic digital thermostat with a 3-digit LED display, extremely bright. Operation both in heating and cooling to easily control equipment and devices.
  • The NTC probe is waterproof and allows to control the temperature even of fluids, allowing the controlled heated or cooling
  • 100% complete machine patch, wave soldering, stable performance, good consistency.

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Product Description

Instructions for use:
Connect the power supply and equipment, the measuring temperature is displayed, press the “SET” button, press ” + or – ” to set the desired temperature (long press ” + or – ” to quickly increase or decrease), press the “SET” to confirm the setting and return, controller automatically performs the relay ON/OFF.

LED Indicator: LED off indicates the relay off; Lighting, indicates the relay is closed.
Digital LED Tubes: “LL” indicates sensor open, “HH” indicates overrange, the relay will be forcibly disconnected; “—” indicates high temperature alarm
Long press the “SET” button to enter the main menu settings,
press ” + or – ” to switching between P0-P6,
then long press “SET” or 10 seconds without keystrokes to confirm the setting and return.
the thermostat output is 10A relay, meet a variety of high-power loads.


Temperature Range :-50 – 110 degree centigrade
Resolution: When temperature is 0.1 degree, the resolution is -9.9~99.9, other temperature segment is 1 degree.
Refresh Rate: 0.5s
High Temperature Protection 0 – 110 degree centigrade
Supply Voltage: DC 12V
Static Current: Less than 35MA, attract current less than 65MA
Output Voltage: DC 12V
Output Power: 20A relay
Measurement Input: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof Sensor

P0 :Cooling / Heating; Range: C/H; Default: C
P1 :Hysteresis Setting; Range:0.1-15; Default: 2
P2 :Highest Setting Limit; Range:110; Default: 110
P3: Lowest setting Limit; Range:-50; Default: -50
P4 :Temperature Correction; Range:-7-7°c; Default: 0°c
P5: Delay Start Time; Range:0-10 Minute; Default: 0
P6: Key Tone Switch; Range:0-110; Default: Off
When the Thermostat is power off, long press “- or +”, you can restore the factory settings

Temperature Control Range(°C) -50 to +110
Resolution @-9.9°C to +99.9°C 0.1°C
Resolution @all temperatures 1°C
Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Refresh Rate(s) 0.5
Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 12
Measuring Inputs NTC10K
Cable Length (CM) 50
Output Type 1 Channel Relay Output
Capacity 10A
Length (mm) 48
Width (mm) 40
Height (mm) 14
Weight (gm) 20

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