PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module HC-SR501

  1. Wide Working Voltage Range: DC 4.5V- 20V
  2. Current Drain: <60uA
  3. Detection Angle: <140°
  4. Detection Distance: 3 to 7m (can be adjusted)
  5. Blockade time: 2.5s (Default)
  6.  Work temperature: -20-+80°C



Product Description

PIR sensors allow you to sense motion, almost always used to detect whether a human has moved in or out of the sensors range. They are small, inexpensive, low-power, easy to use and don’t wear out. For that reason they are commonly found in appliances and gadgets used in homes or businesses. They are often referred to as PIR, “Passive Infrared”, “Pyroelectric”, or “IR motion” sensors.

PIRs are basically made of a pyroelectric sensor (which you can see below as the round metal can with a rectangular crystal in the center), which can detect levels of infrared radiation. Everything emits some low level radiation, and the hotter something is, the more radiation is emitted. The sensor in a motion detector is actually split in two halves. The reason for that is that we are looking to detect motion (change) not average IR levels. The two halves are wired up so that they cancel each other out. If one half sees more or less IR radiation than the other, the output will swing high or low.

Along with the pyroelectic sensor is a bunch of supporting circuitry, resistors and capacitors. It seems that most small hobbyist sensors use the BISS0001 (“Micro Power PIR Motion Detector IC”), undoubtedly a very inexpensive chip. This chip takes the output of the sensor and does some minor processing on it to emit a digital output pulse from the analog sensor.
Model PIR HC-SR501
Operating Voltage (VDC) 4.5 ~ 20
Average Current Consumption (mA) 0.06
Distance Measuring Range (CM) 300 ~ 700
Output Type (High/ Low-level Signal) 3.3V TTL output
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 32 x 24 x 18
Weight (gm) 10
Working Temperature Range (°C) -20 to 80
Detection Angle <140°
Delay Time 5 to 200s (Can be Adjusted, Default 5s +/- 3%)
Shipment Weight 0.135 kg
Shipment Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 cm

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