Mounting L Bracket of Nema 17 Stepper Motor for 3D Printer


  • NEMA 17 Mounting Bracket – 90 degrees
  • Mounting Holes: 31 mm center-to-center
  • Max Collar Diameter: 22.1 mm
  • Powder-coated Mild Steel

The Mounting L Bracket for NEMA17 Stepper Motor(Bend) is made from high-quality Hardened Mild Steel.

Mounting L clamp will fit any NEMA17 Motor (with 31 mm hole spacing) with four screws. L-shaped bracket with 90 degrees mounting angle, is designed for NEMA17 Stepper Motor to mount it on the application firmly and securely. The use of Mild Steel in this bracket gives them good strength and makes them sturdy. Hence this bracket is ready to hold and take the load of your Stepper Motor.

The bracket has several other holes so that the motor can be fit in the way a user wants it to. So the use of this bracket will give you flexibility and modularity in design. 

  • Made from High-Quality MS.
  • Most accurate design.


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