FlySky CT6B 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter with FS-R6B Receiver


  • High receiving sensitivity
  • Best Entry level 6 channel 2.4GHz radio with telemetry capability
  • Can be programmed by PC with included software
  • Full range 2.4GHz 6-channel radio
  • High quality and stability
  • User friendly controls
  • Easy to use Programming & Navigation Buttons
  • Powered by AA Cells or 12v external power

FlySky CT6B 2.4Ghz 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver(FS-R6B) remote is one of the most popular 6 Channel Radio transmitter and receiver manufactured by FlySky. CT6B FLYSKY 2.4GHZ 6CH TRANSMITTER is an entry level 2.4 GHz radio system offering the reliability of 2.4 GHz signal technology and a receiver with 6 channels. This 2.4GHZ 6CH TRANSMITTER radio is a value for money, entry level 6 channel transmitter which is ideal for quadcopters and multicopters that require 6 channel operation.

This radio is lightweight and has a rugged design that fits nicely in your hands and weighs just under 400g and won’t hurt your arms on those long flights. This radio is also really practical with a 3-position switch as well as two adjustable knobs for flight modes / multiple flap positions..

This radio has two retract switches and proportional flap dials in easy reach for channels 5 and 6. It can be powered by 8 x AA Size Batteries or a 12V Power Supply. It comes with a trainer port to help beginners learn flying.It can be configured by connecting it to the computer. Use the T6config software to configure your radio on a computer

The remote can be configured by connecting it to a computer to tune the settings.

Model NumberFLYSKY FS-R6B
CompatibilityAirplanes, Helicopter, Glider
Channels6 Channels
Band and Bandwidth160 and 500KHz
Frequency Range2.4055–2.475 GHz (AFHDS)
RF Receiver Sensitivity105 dBm
Input Power4.0 – 6.0 VDC
Antenna Length26mm
  • USB interface cable and binding cable are included in the pack.
  • Receiving distance depends on many factors like line of sight, obstacles, metal interferences etc.
  • You need to bind the transmitter and receiver before using it
  • Remote does not include batteries. Source 4 x AA batteries
  1. 1 x FlySky CT6B 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter
  2. 1 x FS-R6B receiver
  3. 1 x User Manual BookLet
  4. 1 x USB Cable
  5. 1 x Binding Cable


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