Dual Shaft BO Motor with Wheel


  • BO motor shaft kit contains: 4 x Dual shaft bo motor with wheel.
  • BO motor has an operating voltage of 3V – 12V DC.
  • BO motor runs at a speed of approximately 150RPM.
  • BO motor has a No load current 40 – 80 mA and Output Torque 3.5 kgf.cm.
  • The wheels that comes with the BO shaft motor works well together for DIY robotics projects.

High-quality wheels for coupling with BO type of DC motors. This wheel can be coupled to BO type motors by coupling it. You can make your own robot by using these same, it will balance your bot as it has better grip and provides incredible motion.


  • The car hub is reinforced nylon, very sturdy.
  • A tire with sponge liner for more strength
  • With upgraded tire tread for greater friction
  • New design wheel for better combination with the motor

BO Wheels are used for making robots and robotic vehicle. These Wheels can be easily coupled with BO motors. Wheel’s wider grip allows vehicle or robot to be stable on high terrain or smooth surface as well. Big size and Yellow-Black color combination gives attractive look to your robot or robotic vehicle.

Additional information

Dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm


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