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Super Debug

Super Debug is one of the fastest growing distributors of Electronics Components and accessories in India. We work with schools, libraries, commercial projects and happily supply individual hobbyists and DIY-ers. Please see our contact details below for more information or to request a quote. We welcome volume quote requests.

We specialize in building complete Robotics kits for various projects (from education to entertainment) with pre-loaded software and necessary accessories.

We also offer a large selection of educational products and kits for tech development for various age groups.

We created Super Debug because we love empowering people to create and modify technology in ways that are important to them. We find such satisfaction in inventing, coding, and hacking, and want to share these activities with anyone who’s interested. Our products support a large spectrum of opportunities, from a child’s first robot interaction to professional development tools.

To ensure that our products are affordable and within the reach of as many people as possible, we run a lean operation. We’re a small and dedicated team, working hard to bring you the items you need.


Manik Moti Complex, Ruby H1 LG2, Pune 411046
Email: info@superdebug.com
Phone: +91 7758934277